By Ar. Aman Kumar Nirala

Asst. Professor

Introduction :

Entire world is in perished and pain from a deadly “Virus outbreak” which started during winters of 2019. A year of chaos and panic which will not be forgot by any human survived. Soon enough the WHO identified this virus as a threat to mankind and declared the situation as Global Pandemic, a word added recently to people’s dictionary.

The story didn’t ends here. By the time the elite scientist and doctors found the cure of this deadly virus, it took lives in millions and left others in panic, fear and grief of losing their loved one.

This virus outbreak hit several sectors at once like, Administration & Politics, Health Care, Economy, Transport & Communication, and Trade & Commerce, Education & Academics etc.

1. What do you think which among these sectors got affected badly??
2. What will be the outcome and after effect of this virus outbreak in our new normal??

Even though we all knew of the pandemics and epidemics which hit us already in the past, we never even bothered to take lesson from our history. After this disease is completely eradicated this will add up to several changes to our system, lifestyle and will be a part of new normal where things will be different as we see them now.

The worst hit part since this global pandemic began during 2019 was the education and academics. As we all know that students and scholars especially small children of primary, secondary and the students of higher secondary has an important role to play in the nations development in coming future. A very important time period has past where our future leaders were not delivered with the knowledge and teachings what they deserved.

Also imparting of the digital education and virtual classes led to the damage in several skills that students should posses, at some point students from higher education were benefited from the new technologies but not up to cent percent. But when we look at the losses on the other hand it is not negotiable. A young age group student from primary and secondary school has lost its capabilities of understanding and other cognitive skills.


  • This global pandemic has caused several losses to the nation worldwide. The worst effected sector was education & academics, Child Welfare.
  • The Implication was virtual class rooms have diverted small age groups toward the excessive use of gadget and smart phones leading to the several health issues.
  • This diversion toward the virtual reality has killed several skills such as, Interest towards toys and other, cognitive skills, interactive nature, decision making & problem solving capacity and social nature.

Apart from all these children of young age group are getting less social with their parents and friends and lost the joy of sharing. This is dragging children to the feeling of loneliness, stress and sometimes trauma.

3. Don’t you think that in spite of encouraging our children towards the beauty of nature and reality we have boxed them into the dark world of virtual reality where they are being taken away from the wonder book of the nature??? It is a big question for us in our coming future. Isn’t it?



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